Washable Nano Magic Tape

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Are you ready for the one, simple tool that’s going to take care of almost all the problems and inconveniences you face as a homeowner? Our Washable Nano Magic Tape has 1000s of everyday uses around your home that will save you tons of time, effort, and money!

You can measure out and cut it into pieces to suit every need. You can hang up pictures and posters, keep rugs from moving around, organize cables, place light items to your wall or table, or even stick your phone or tablet to any flat surfaces. Just try sticking anything to anything!

And best of all, it’s easy to remove with absolutely no damage to any walls or surfaces. Just make sure to give it a wash and dry each time you remove it from a surface to make it just like new. 

  • To remove, simply take one corner and pull away lightly with steady force. This will remove the tape from the wall with no damage!
  • To wash, just run it under warm water and lightly massage the dirt and grime off. Once done, leave it to air dry over the tap or drying rack.
  • Can be used in any temperature ranging from -16C (0F) or above 62C (150F)
  • Safe to use on all surfaces paints and colors
  • 1 roll = 71 x standard sized adhesive gel/nano pads